Great Wall Hover H5 Trunk Space in Quick-to-Read Graphs

Average space for all generations

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Quick notes on Great Wall Hover H5 trunk space

    • Trunk capacity for generation: 810 L
    • Amount of carry-on suitcases: 18 pcs
    • Amount of average suitcases: 8.1 pcs
    • Trunk space per 1 passenger: 162 L
    • Interior transformation: flexible
    • Horsepower to trunk space: 6.4 L to 1 hp
    • Torque to trunk capacity: 4.1 to 1 Nm
    • Trunkley rating: 10 / 10

Trunk space to engine power ratio

  • 2.4i : 6.4 L/hp (8.7 L/kW)

    Trunk size and maximum speed comparison

  • 2.4i : 4.74 L/km-h (2.95 L/mph)

    Trunk capacity to fuel consumption ratio

  • 2.4i : 69.2x (Trunk/Consumption)
  • Vehicle Trunk space Trunk to acceleration ratio Trunk space to tank size Trunk space to engine capacity Difference with world average
    2.4i 810 L 66 L to 1 s 11.6x 341x +332L
    Vehicle 2.4i
    Trunk space 810 L
    Trunk to acceleration ratio 66 L to 1 s
    Trunk space to tank size 11.6x
    Trunk space to engine capacity 341x
    Difference with world average +332L